Making access to New Breeding Technologies easier Project Assisting
Small Exporters
This DAWE funded project is aimed at facilitating exporters, breeders, farmers and other stakeholders to access and benefit from New Breeding Technologies such as genome editing. Get Started Agri-4.0

New Breeding Technologies

New Breeding Technologies (NBTs) are a new set of breeding technologies for crops. Initially, NBTs referred to plants generated with recombinant DNA technology (Genetically Modified – GM – transgenic or ‘Biotech’ crops). Growth of all these crops in Australia and elsewhere is subject to stringent and costly government regulations.

With rapid advances in ‘Genome-Editing’ (or ‘Gene-Editing’, GE) technology, one form – Site-Directed Nuclease 1, (SDN-1), enables targeted mutagenesis without added DNA. In Australia and other countries, SDN-1 plants have been excluded from GM regulations. This change has democratised use of GE crops by reducing the costs of regulation.

The term NBT now refers more to (SDN-1) products: SDN-1 edited plants are the focus of this project.



During the project, a series of training sessions are planned, at State and Federal levels, to provide up-to-date information and awareness of regulations and policies related to New Breeding Technologies (NBTs). These Workshops will include participation from a range of stakeholders, from researchers to growers, grain handlers and exporters.

At least two Workshops with international partners are planned

The twin aims are to enable the export of Australian agricultural produce generated using SDN-1 gene-editing technology, and to help promote international harmonisation of regulations relating to NBTs.


Market Reports

We plan to provide support for policy development and industry strategies for commercialisation of NBTs through market analyses and global outlook reports. We will also provide policy advice to the Government on commercialisation of NBTs as appropriate.

Market reports and other policy documents will be provided over the course of the project.

Offering a variety of deliverables

We will help you navigate the market on regulatory issues and inform on the tremendous potential of NBTs in Australia.

Our web portal for trade facilitation and engagement will be a one-stop resource for small and medium enterprises interested in exporting NBT products.

Agriculture 4.0 is here, and in order for innovation to adequately reach the consumers, there is a dire need for evidence-informed and value based policy design.

Adding new dimensions to discussions on regulations

This project leverages technical expertise, regulatory compliance information and the use of science diplomacy to create a multi-stakeholder engagement environment for commercialisation of New Breeding Technologies.

Australian grain exporters have experienced disruptions in gains from trade stemming from climatic changes as well as market competitiveness factors. NBTs provide an ideal avenue for exporters to diversify their supply chains, minimize risk, and benefit from high-value products.

Get acquainted with the concept of Science Diplomacy, and how it is being used for multi-stakeholder engagement.

‘Science Diplomacy’ is how Nations use scientific knowledge to address common problems and help build constructive international partnerships. One typology of the concept is:

  • Diplomacy for Science – facilitating science cooperation, sharing resources and infrastructure for large-scale science
  • Science in Diplomacy – the role of science and technology in providing advice to inform and support foreign policy goals
  • Science for Diplomacy – the use of science to help build and improve international relations

Our focus is to help future-proof international regulatory issues on agricultural biotechnology.

Science diplomacy (SD), with its ever-evolving repertoire of synergy-driven science-policy-society interface, has the potential to future-proof the regulatory imbroglio surrounding agricultural biotechnology.


This project is being led by the WA State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre (SABC), Murdoch University

The SABC is the collaborative university Centre for R&D in agricultural and veterinary biotechnology in Western Australia, and has been operating for more than 25 years.


Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE)


Murdoch University, Perth


The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Government of Western Australia


Australian Seed Federation


CBH Group


Edstar Genetics Pty Ltd


Council for Grain Grower Organisations Ltd


Green Blueprint Pty Ltd